What is CIF Japan?

Since 1962 around 130 Japanese, engaging in social work or
research in social welfare, have participated to CIPUSA
Program or CIF Exchange Programs. After returning home
they have contributed with their experience in the various
professional fields and also strived for improving their proficiency.

In 1986 some of these CIPUSA or CIF alumni members voluntarily
organized CIF Japan, that was admitted to joinCIF International
as a National Branch.

Presently CIF Japan is supporting those applicants who desire
to participate in CIPUSA or CIF ExchangePrograms.

In April 2011, CIF Japan was officially certified as NPO
by the Government of Kyoto Prefecture.

In October 2015, CIF Japan held the first IPEP (International Professional
Exchange Program)in Japan.


                   Mt.Fuji of Japan

Executive Members of CIF Japan      

President       Mr. Kazutoshi Takeuchi
Vice President/Secretary

Mr. Masamichi Sakamoto

Vice President Mr. Takashi Sakaoka
Vice President Mr. Kikuo Yamazaki
Treasurer Mr. Shingo Kajimura
Public Relations Ms. Sumie Asano
Member at Large

Ms.Mitsuko Kanoh


Mr. Yutaka Shimizu

Auditor Mr. Hiroshi Miyake

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