What is CIF ?

 The organization “CIF”, namely “Council of International
Fellowship”, was established in 1960 following to the
foundation of Cleveland International Program (CIP).
It is a private and non-profit politically and religiously
independent organization.
At present there are around 30 CIF National Branches under
CIF International. CIF intends to promote international
understanding and world peace through the exchange of
experience for social workers, special educators, youth
leaders and others in closely related fields.

Besides the activities within each National Branches, CIF offers
Exchange Programs held in more than 10 National Branches
every year, supports recruitment and selection of new participants
to CIF Exchange Programs and CIPUSA Programs.

In every two years CIF holds International Conference on the
specific social theme in order to promote fruitful human and
cultural exchange.

         The group session during the BD meeting in Ankala,2013

What is CIPUSA?     

 CIPUSA, Council of International Program USA, was founded
in 1956 by late Dr. Henry B. Ollendorff. It is a private and non-
profit politically and religiously independent organization.

The organization has taken it as a mission to commit to
international understanding through professional development and
cross-cultural exchange.
Further it intends to provide the highest quality professional
training and cultural experiences through participants staying in the
local host-families.
 So far more than 10,000 participants, mostly
social workers and human service practitioners from 147 countries
have participated to the Program.

Presently its Head Office is in Cleveland, Ohio and it has five
affiliate offices throughout US.


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